Policy for Reuse of Treated Wastewater 2018

Gujarat has limited availability of natural water resources due to its geographic location and diverse climatic conditions. Given the background of very high stress on existing water resources and its distribution, Government of Gujarat is continuously looking for additional sources of water to supplement the limited fresh water sources available in the state. Thus, it becomes imperative to explore option of reusing treated wastewater and use it as source of water for various purposes.

Government of Gujarat has released a policy for "Reuse of Treated Wastewater" with the objective to maximize collection and treatment of sewage generated and reuse of treated wastewater (TWW) on a sustainable basis, ultimately reducing the dependence on fresh water resources. A critical part of this policy is identification of viable projects for reusing TWW and its potential buyers. This will allow reducing dependence on availability of fresh water promote usage of TWW and make this entire ecosystem self-sustainable.

Under the policy, it will be mandatory to use TWW for non-potable purposes for the following users-

  • All Thermal power plants within a distance of 50 km from STP or city limits
  • Industrial units which are consuming minimum 0.1 million litre of fresh water per day for non-potable purpose and which are situated within 50 km distance from STP or city limits


  • To reach minimum 80% coverage and collection of sewage in all municipal towns
  • To reach a level of 100% treatment of collected sewage as per the prescribed standards
  • To reuse at least 25% of total fresh water consumption from TWW within the time limit set under policy by every municipal body
  •  To reuse 70% of TWW by 2025
  • To reuse 100% of TWW by 2030

The use of WW is of high order of priority and all efforts shall be made to plan, prepare and implement such projects. The appropriate project structure such as Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC), Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) etc. should be determined based on project funding and involvement of various stakeholders such as private, urban local bodies etc.

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