Biotechnology Policy 2016 - 2021 Policy Operative Period - 2016 to 2021


Building up competencies of global scale in research, development and commercialization in Biotechnology sector, capable of harnessing the true potential of the sector in a sustainable way to achieve disease-free, nutritionally-secure, prosperous society living in a safe and clean environment


  • To establish Gujarat as a preferred & globally competitive destination for manufacturing of Biotechnology products and services and to reach a turnover target of Rs. 15,000 Crore.
  •  To create a professionally competent manpower pool of 25,000 human resources in the Biotechnology sector
  • To create employment opportunities for more than 1 Lakh human resources in Biotechnology sector by 2021.
  • To promote creation of Intellectual Property (IP) in the Biotechnology sector by facilitating R&D institutions and contributing more funds to R&D in the BT sector.
  • To encourage cutting-edge Biotechnology research, build world-class infrastructure and attract world's best talent to contribute to the State's development.
  • To develop Biotechnology entrepreneurship and promote development management & commercialization of Bio-technologies with an aim of branding Gujarat as a hub for Biotechnology start-ups, entrepreneurship, technology management and commercialzation.

Policy Features:

Incentives for Biotech Units

  • Capital subsidy for new manufacturing facility up to Rs 50 Crore
  • Interest assistance up to Rs 10 Crore/Annum
  • Attractive lease rental subsidy
  • EPF grant for the added workforce
  • Electricity tariff assistance and reimbursement of electricity duty
  • Reimbursement of stamp duty, registration and NA conversion fee
  • Assistance for quality certification

Incentives for Start-ups and Incubator

  • Assistance up to Rs 1 Crore for setting up new incubator
  • Software procurement assistance up to Rs 50 Lakh
  • Assistance for operations and mentoring for Start-Ups
  • Up to Rs 10 Lakh Grant for Establishing Pilot Production Facility to Start-Ups
  • Attractive 9% Interest Subsidy to Start-Ups
  • Support for Market Development, Product Prototype Development
  • Up to Rs 20,000/Month for Skill Certification Grant
  • Electricity Tariff Assistance and Reimbursement of Electricity Duty
  • Reimbursement of Stamp Duty, Registration and NA Conversion Fee

Incentives for Research and Skilling Support

  • Capital assistance up to Rs 1 Crore for setting up new Biotech finishing school
  • Up to Rs 10 Lakh per module operating assistance to Biotech finishing schools
  • Upto Rs 25 Lakh for contract and sponsored research project
  • Up to Rs 50 Lakh for setting up shared industrial testing facility
  • Assistance for up to 50% expenditure for obtaining national and international patents

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