Scheme related to Logistics Park & Environment Protection measures

Scheme of Assistance to Logistic Park

Assistance is 25% of eligible fixed capital Investment except land cost and transport vehicles and other ineligible expenses up to Rs. 15 Crore and stamp duty reimbursement

Operative Period:- 2015 to 2020

  • Reimbursement of stamp duty paid on purchase of land.
Assistance for Environment Protection Measures

Scheme for Assistance to Environment Management

Implementation of deaner production technology in place of existing process such as substitution & optimization of raw material, reduction in water consumption or energy consumption or waste generation

MSME: Up to 35% of cost of plant & machinery with ceiling of Rs. 35 Lakh

Large Projects: Up to 10% of cost of plant with ceiling of Rs. 35 Lakh

Environment management project with use of Clean, Efficient and Innovative Pollution Control Equipment.

MSME: Up to 25% of cost of plant with ceiling of Rs. 35 Lakh

Large project: Up to 10% of cost of plant with ceiling of Rs. 35 Lakh

Scheme For Assistance To Encouraging Green Practices For Eligible Enterprise:

  • Eligible Activities and Benefits for periodic environmental audits - Up to 75% offees of audit services with a ceiling of Rs.50,000
  • Installation of online continuous Stack Emission Monitoring system (CEMS)- Up to 25% of cost of system with ceiling of Rs, 5 Lakh
  • Industrial building of more than 2,000 sq.m. built up area which obtain green rating-Up to 50% of consulting charges or Rs.2.5 Lakh
  • Setting up of Environment Management System - Up to 50% of cost of Equipment, ceiling of Rs. 10 Lakh/unit once
  • Purchase of new equipment system related to safety, occupational health & Environmental compliance for common use of industries located in Cluster of minimum 10 units - Up to 35% of cost of Equipment; ceiling of Rs. 35 Lakh per cluster
  • Industries practicing at least 50% waste water recovery through zero liquid discharge - Up to 35% capital subsidy on relevant equipment/system with ceiling of Rs, 35 Lakh
financial Assistance for Common Environmental Infrastructure Facilities
  • Financial Assistance of up to 25% of eligible fixed capital investment in the project that comprises such as Common Effluent Treatment Plant. Waste Management System, augmentation and technology upgradation of existing CEPTs, common spray dryer, common multiple effect evaporator etc @ Rs 50 Crores.
  • Financial Assistance of up to 100% if the project is undertaken by the government departments or a government agency.
Common Boiler Project by SPV constituted by Mininum 10 MSME's
  • Financial Assistance for set of up steam energy efficient boiler of up to 35% (in case of solid fuel) and 50% (in case of cleaner fuel) of the fixed installation cos @ Rs 2 Crores.
Scheme for Strengthening the regulation & Environmental Compliance
  • Need based supports as decided by the State Level Committee for activities such as Scientific Projects, Pilot Projects for Cleaner production & technology, installation of testing infrastructure, capacity building etc.

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