Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015


Gujarat as a globally competitive and innovative industrial destination that stimulates sustainable development & promotes inclusive growth.

  • To create employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workforce
  • To become a Global hub for manufacturing To promote Ease of Doing Business to create business friendly environment
  • To provide pro-active support to micro, small and medium enterprises
  • To promote the spirit of innovation and incentivise entrepreneurship among youth by providing specific sector skills and seed capital
  • Ensure effective implementation of the policies.
Being an industrialized state, Gujarat has a strategy which can support industrialization through higher value addition. Salient features of the strategy are:
  • Accelerating development of Infrastructure.
  • Promoting labour intensive industries.
  • Focused approach for industrially under-developed areas.
  • Strengthening sector-specific vocational skills.
  • Encouraging Universities for incubating start-ups & innovative product development.
  • Support technology up-gradation and research & development.
  • Promote trade facilitation & e-governance.
  • Support to Service Sector Enterprises.
  • Conducive labour reforms including more opportunity for Women. Focused approach on 'Make in India' programme.
  • To enhance last mile connectivity for strengthening development of infrastructure.
  • To promote specific sector approach & value addition in production.
  • To encourage the adoption of green, clean-energy business practices.
  • To promote innovation, start-ups & technology transfer.
  • Providing equity support for MSMEs & Start-ups. Facilitation to Large/ Mega Projects.
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