About iNDEXTb

Industrial Extension Bureau

popularly known as iNDEXTb is a Government of Gujarat Organisation established with the objective of accelerating the industrial development in the State.

The Bureau acts as a single point contact for entrepreneurs for establishing industrial ventures.

The Bureau acts as catalyst of Industries Department of the Government in propagating industrial promotional policies, attracting industrial investment, organising mega events, seminars, industrial fairs etc.

iNDEXTb is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organisation.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide information to the public in general and entrepreneurs in particular, regarding the opportunities available in the State of Gujarat for industry, commerce, trade, business openings and participation therein
  • To disseminate the information through mass media and to create and accelerate industrial tempo regarding the growth of the industrial development with the help of facilities and incentives available to the entrepreneurs and the future prospect of setting up new industrial units in the State of Gujarat.
  • To assist and help the entrepreneurs and investors in setting up industries providing necessary information and knowledge regarding form of organisation obtaining letter of intent, preparation of project report, loan applications to the financial institutions, technical know-how, procurement of land, indigenous and imported plant and machineries and raw materials, market survey, publicity, management services and other allied services.
  • To take special steps to organise young qualified persons interested in industrial activities and development and to take all educative and propagative measures to accelerate industrial development in Gujarat.
  • To organise, sponsor, associate or participate in any fair, exhibition, celebration or campaign aimed at promotion of industrial development.
  • To establish, develop and support centres for documentation, maintenance and supply of data , projects and information which may be useful to industries, government, entrepreneurs or artisans
  • To coordinate the development and extension and promotional activities of all institutions engaged in economic uplift and industrial development in the State of Gujarat.
  • To review and appraise the schemes and general atmosphere prevailing particularly in Gujarat and generally in India for industrial development.
  • To assess the progress in industries with reference to number of units, persons employed, amount of investment and value of production.

Function of iNDEXTb

  • Enquiries for domestic projects coming from all over the country, other than Gujarat and their follow up.
  • Follow up of projects involving domestic investment.
  • Coordination for monitoring of Industrial Approvals with Industries Commissionerate, iNDEXTb Offices/Officers, Computer Centre and presentation of reports.
  • Organising promotional campaigns in major cities of India.
  • Conceptualisation, designing, printing of literature, preparation of exhibition materials as may be required depending upon participation in Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • Maintaining and updating of Website.
  • To process the proposal to formulate new policies relating to industrial development in the State or making amendments in the existing policies.
  • To submit proposals of individual cases relating to departures from prevalent policy on a case by case basis keeping in mind overall public interest, for industrial units involving domestic investment for consideration of the Board.
  • To submit the proposals to ensure that Gujarat industry achieves and maintains competitive advantage nationally as well as internationally.
  • To submit the review of the situation of labour issues, and law and order from time to time in so far as it relates to industrial development in Gujarat.
  • To process the proposal to study and suggest appropriate steps to reduce the incidence of industrial sickness in the State of Gujarat.
  • Enquiries for projects involving NRI investment and FDI.
  • Enquiries relating to export opportunities and formalities thereon.
  • Follow-up of all projects involving NRI and FDI approvals.
  • GITPC activities offering counselling on export opportunities and formalities thereof, for promotion of exports from Gujarat.
  • Coordination with Indian embassies abroad/Foreign Missions based in India for promotion of FDI.
  • Interaction with foreign trade and industry delegation.
  • Planning and executing all functions relating to publicity and advertisements including under Joint Publicity Campaign programmes and activities.
  • Conceptualising, designing and printing of literature, preparation of exhibition materials depending upon the participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions and maintenance of JPC account for the purpose.
  • To process individual cases involving NRI investment, Foreign Direct Investment and 100% EOUs, relating to departures from prevalent policy on a case by case basis keeping in mind the overall public interest, for those industrial units which may achieve viability as a result of specific Government and other interventions for consideration.
  • To process and submit statistical information with analysis of industrial approvals granted by Government of India for locations in Gujarat, in respect of the projects involving NRI, Foreign Direct Investment and 100% EOUs.
  • To submit progress of implementation of projects involving NRI investment, Foreign Direct Investment and 100% EOUs, for which approvals have already been granted.
  • To process proposals to take steps for the promotion of exports from Gujarat.
  • Enquiries of general nature from within Gujarat as well as enquiries requiring technical/project information.
  • Compilation of technical information, studies/reports, preparation and updating of project profiles, project briefs etc.
  • Preparation and updating of industries status reports in various sectors/special studies and dissemination of information.
  • Locational studies, area potentiality surveys, preparation and updating of Taluka Profiles
  • Organizing technical seminars and Conventions.
  • Sourcing the technology and arrange match-making for Gujarat-based industries through database created during the events of Intechmart 98, Resurgent Gujarat: Business Partnership Meet 2002 and through the projects of TBSE and TBIIP (UNIDO projects).
  • Establishing and operation of Industrial Data Bank activities.
  • Compilation and presentation of statistical data.
  • To study, monitor and analyse the industrial situation of Gujarat from time to time.
  • To submit proposal(s) to take steps for the upgradation of technology in Gujarat industry in keeping with world trends.
  • To submit proposal(s) to take steps for the inculcation of quality consciousness in Gujarat industry and to promote the adoption of internationally accepted product/quality standards and adoption of internationally acceptable certification standards.
  • To submit proposal(s) to take steps to ensure that the skill and potential of the workforce of Gujarat is suitably developed, keeping in view the needs of the industrial and service sectors from time to time.
  • To submit proposal(s) for creating awareness and steps for capacity building in the industry for adhering to the environmental norms.
  • Turnkey Solution - covering identification of customer needs, feasibility study, detailed system study, design, development, implementation and operational training.
  • Development and implementation of customized/ generalized Software Packages .
  • Development and maintenance of iNDEXTb and Vibrant Gujarat websites.
  • For ease of doing business in the State of Gujarat, Investor Facilitation Portal got implemented which provides Single Window Facilitation to Investors.
  • Consultancy/Technical assistance for purchase of hardware and software
  • Data Processing of voluminous and complex nature.
  • The Centre also specializes in handling post examination related work, result processing and on-line admission work, online recruitment work etc.